5656 M. was listed for sale in 2015, and although the market was strong, the owners did not receive any offers.  Over the course of the year and into 2016, they reduced the price of the home several times, yet to no avail.  The home was taken off the market at $739,900 in January 2016.  Nth Degree was hired to stage and list the home in February 2016.  For about $4,000 and a couple weeks of work while the owners were away on Spring break, Nth Degree hired painters to paint the entry, master bathroom, children’s bedrooms, dining room, kitchen (including some of the cabinets), hired electrician to replace some light fixtures, and used their internal designers and staff to declutter, redecorate and reconfigure spaces.

The transformation was dramatic.  In less than 3 weeks, the home was in contract within 1.5% of the previous list price.  The sellers were willing to make cost effective changes that improved the value of their home, and it paid off!

Quote from the home owners:
“Neal was a truly the answer to our prayers.  His professionalism, creativity, and dependability definitely contributed to the speedy sale of our house. Neal allowed us to present our home to the broadest number of potential home buyers and made it easy for them to picture our home as their own.”

5 reasons to stage your home:

1.) Get the Highest Price for Your Home.A well-staged home is aesthetically pleasing. Everything looks inviting, comfortable, and simple. For a buyer, simplicity allows them to picture themselves living in the space. More complex finishes, may be beautiful, but possible could elicit a strong negative emotion from buyers.

2.) Your Home Will Sell Faster– The National Association of Realtors states that staged homes sell for 43% more quickly than unstaged homes. A clean, organized home presents itself better for future owners – personalization can still exist in the home such as a child’s bedroom, but scale and placement of furniture allow potential buyers to appreciate the space and amenities.

3.) Staging Helps with Procrastination- Decluttering and depersonalizing is so important to allow a buyer to actually “see” the space s opposed to seeing “stuff”. Removing items prevents procrastination when it is time to move since some of the packing and organizing has already occurred – You will have to tackle this at some point, so get it done early and either eliminate items that you doo not plan on taking with you or store them away.

4.)  Staging Will Teach you a Few Things. Maybe you never had a decorator and you’ve done it all yourself. Those floral curtains in the bedroom, the layout of the pictures over the living room sofa, the furniture placement in the family room or the overlarge chair in the den. It all works for you which is great – but a stager might just show you “better” which is something you can take with you to your new home.

5.) You never get a second change to make a first impression – is a favorite line with stagers and real estate agents. If you don’t stage before you list, guess what? You’ve lost time and money – the 2 things that are all but promised with you stage your home before listing it for sale. You get a good feeling when you walk into a home that has been properly staged. It’s not fake; everything look inviting, comfortable and simple.

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