Make a great first impression with curb appeal.

Ideas for how to make the most of your home’s appearance:
1.) Cut grass, pull weeds, re-sod bare spots, trim shrubs and trees.
2.) Give your front porch a facelift. Clean your front door or paint it a new color. Add a few container gardens using colorful plants and flowers and place around the front of your home.
3.) Replace old hardware by updating door fixtures, replacing house numbers and overhead lights. Keep the elements cohesive – if you have brushed nickel throughout the inside of the house, use it on the outside as well.
4.) Add lighting. Use outdoor lighting to highlight your yard after dark – solar spotlights are a great idea because they won’t add to your monthly electrical bill.
5.) Clean the exterior of your home by using a power washer (power washers can be rented from your local hardware store).
6.) Replace gutters and downspouts, if needed. If they do not need replaced, make sure to clean them out so they work properly.
7.) Use bright outdoor pillows and coordinating welcome mat to brighten up the patio furniture and front porch.
8.) Always keep your trash can hidden – either by keeping in the garage or hidden outside by purchasing a garbage can storage shed.
9.) Sparkle and Shine. Clean your windows, interior and exterior.
10.) Wow potential home buyers with a fresh coat of paint. Remember to make sure there is no damage to your siding and trim before you paint.

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