Thinking of downsizing?

If you are thinking of downsizing then your home probably doesn’t fit you, your lifestyle or your income any longer. Nth Degree Realty can help you with the downsizing process.

When shopping for your smaller home, Neal Hauschild suggests that you look for a townhouse, condo or bungalow.
– Townhouses and condos are a nice option because you will not have to worry about maintenance. No more mowing the yard or fixing the roof. The downside of townhouse or condo living will be the monthly home owner association (HOA) fees that comes with living maintenance free.
– A bungalow is option if you still want to own a house but don’t want the burden of going up and down stairs of multi-level living. Not a maintenance free as a condo but bungalows are affordable to maintain.


There are many benefits to downsizing, here are a few:

– More time to do what you want to do.
When you are in a smaller space, your to do list will be smaller therefore freeing up your time.
– Less financial stress
Downsizing will enable you to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

– Have fun
With the money you save on your mortgage, you’ll be able to do things you’ve always wanted; invest, save, travel etc.

If you are looking to downsize or have questions about downsizing, Neal Hauschild and the Nth Degree Realty team will be happy to help.

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