Columbus’ booming downtown has created an incredibly rich and diverse area full of unique experiences. Downtown Columbus is the city’s central business, entertainment, and cultural hub and includes the Uptown, Arena, Brewery and Discovery districts. Downtown Columbus offers a chance for you to explore any of your interests. From stage productions to sporting events, community activities to concerts and with enough cocktails and cuisine to keep you full for a lifetime, downtown Columbus has it all.

Green Spaces

One of the most unique features of downtown Columbus, as compared to other cities, is the dedication to green spaces and how they integrate with the city growing around it. Unlike most downtown neighborhoods across the country, Columbus’ downtown is filled with parks, topiaries and an audubon center, which all celebrate the combination of nature and industry.

The heart of downtown is Columbus Commons, a 6 acre park that holds many different community events throughout the year, including Foodtruck Fest and local theatre performances. This open concept park features gardens, a performance stage, carousel, reading room, a NEOS play system and two cafes.

Downtown Columbus is also extremely proud of the Scioto Mile, where the community can come to gather and explore downton. This expansive parkland runs alongside the Scioto River winding through downtown allowing you to explore the many businesses, restaurants and event spaces of downtown. The Scioto Mile is one of central Ohio’s most unique landmarks and it’s also one of the best community meetup spots in Columbus.

Arts & Entertainment

Downtown Columbus is home to the Cultural Arts Center, the Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Columbus Museum of Art and the Columbus Performing Arts Center as well as the Southern Theatre, Palace Theatre, Riffe Center and many more venues to experience the Ohio arts scene. Among the many galleries, museums, studios and music venues, residents of downtown are able to take in a diverse mix of arts activities. Enjoy outdoor movies, indoor concerts and everything in between.

With over 100 bars, restaurants and coffee shops, downtown Columbus is a foodie’s playground. Columbus is a culturally diverse community and you can see that in the wide array of food and beverage spots in downtown Columbus. Any world cuisine or experimental cocktail you can think of can be found here in the heart of Columbus. If you’re coming to downtown Columbus, come hungry!

Downtown Columbus is also the proud home to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Columbus is a sports lover’s dream and you can see Blue Jacket pride wherever you look downtown. The Blue Jackets are Columbus’ premiere professional sports team and residents can catch a game at the Nationwide Arena and enjoy the fast-paced action of an NHL game.

Move to Downtown

Experience all the joys of living in a big city, while still enjoying all the charm of suburban life. Living in downtown Columbus is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Come enjoy the adventure of living here.

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