Bexley is one of the most eclectic and distinct neighborhoods in central Ohio. Located just outside of Columbus, Bexley’s beautiful neighborhoods, historic homes, unique entertainment and top notch schools are just a few of the reasons it has long been one of Ohio’s most sought after home destinations.

Historical Homes

Over the years Bexley has been home to a blend of artists, educators, politicians, explorers and entrepreneurs. Having such a diverse population has given way to some of the most interesting and beautiful architecture in
all of Ohio. Large estates were built under strict building regulations, so the homes in Bexley, Ohio are truly unique and grandiose. Six properties in Bexley are on the National Register of Historic Places and the community takes pride in creating buildings, residencies and businesses that honor the tradition of beauty in this Columbus suburb.


One of the most charming aspects of the Bexley neighborhood is the walkable Main Street atmosphere that runs in the heart of the town. Just a small stretch, this pleasant slice of small town nostalgia features first class dining and shopping experiences. Beyond the fine dining, residents can find many unique offerings on main street including locally owned boutiques, outdoor cafes, and a weekend farmer’s market.

Also in the heart of downton Bexley is the renowned Drexel theatre. Ohio’s first, and finest, source of independent film can be found here with many showings and local community events held at this long standing theatre. Named among the “Ten Best Art Blessings” by The Columbus Dispatch, the Drexel is Columbus’ premier cinema, and one of Bexley’s most unique features. And the building itself is one of the six properties Bexley has featured on the National Register of Historic Places.


Bexley is proud of its dedication to education-and for good reason. The Bexley City School system is one of the biggest draws of this community. Bexley is home to several higher education institutions, including the renowned Capital University. Capital University is a private research university and is ranked as one of the highest rated private institutions in Ohio.

Even if you’re not a student, Capital University is a vital part of the community. Residents of Bexley can enjoy easy access to great music at the Capital University Conservatory of Music. The conservatory regularly hosts music programs ranging from their world renowned Chapel Choir, multiple music ensembles, and theatre programs-all of which are open to the public.

As well as higher education opportunities, Bexley High School is one of the top rated high schools in the country, and boasts an incredibly high rate of students who go on to attend college. Bexley is proud to support the academic and athletic pursuits of their great education institutes and the camaraderie it brings to this close knit suburb.

Seeing so many neighbors meeting, walking and exploring the streets of Bexley is the best part of living in a tight knit, lively neighborhood like this. Bexley has long been one of central Ohio’s most desirable, and diverse, suburbs and the city brings an excitement and joy for life to living in Columbus. Come experience it for yourself!

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