Tips for selling your home in the winter months.
You don’t need to wait until the spring to sell your home. Here are a few tips for selling your home in the winter months:
– Clear the driveway and walkway.
Make sure potential buyers are easily able to get in and out safely, be sure to shovel and salt both the driveway and the walkway.
– Cozy and Bright.
Winter is normally dreary in Ohio, create a cozy and bright home by lighting a fire in the fire place, turning on lights and open the drapes. Help create holiday coziness by placing a few ingredients on the stove and let simmer:
– Tasteful Decorations.
Holidays are exciting and we love holiday decorations but make sure your home is tastefully done. Keep things simple and not cluttered. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas on holiday decor.
– Curb appeal.
Curb appeal isn’t just for the spring! Plant evergreens in pots and place them by the front door. That bright pop of green around the white snow will stand out and really have an impact.
– Snow delays.
Be prepared, winter weather could delay showings, inspections and appraisals.

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